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SHOFNER CONSULTING originated in 1993 as a company through which its owner, Walter C. Shofner, could provide personal technical consulting services to the Home Office Life Insurance industry, one client at a time. In the fall of 1994, the purpose of the company was broadened so the owner's experience and knowledge of the industry could be leveraged to provide the same service to more than one client at a time. Our key strength is is our ability to retain and offer highly skilled technical resources who specialize in specific software packages within an industry. We offer these services at a substantially lower price than our competitors.


Our Mission

Mission is to provide timely top-level specialist consulting services to our clients at rates significantly lower than our major competitors, while attracting the best consultants in the business by paying premium rates.

We believe that we have been successful because of the speed and efficiency with which we can respond to our clients needs. Our clients now call us because we can provide the same or better service, faster, and at a price that is significantly less than our large competitors. We are very efficient because while our clients are paying reduced rates, we can attract the best highly skilled and reputable consultants with some of the highest compensation rates in the industry.

  • For more information, please see our Services Page at this site.
  • If you have experience in the Life Insurance industry and are interested in joining our team as a consulting specialist, please fill out the Consultant Questionaire at this site.
  • If you are responsible for staffing a project requiring user or technical specialists and would like more information about our service, please let us know by filling out the Client Profile at this site, or call us at 281-395-8855 .


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